MIUC Program July 2017

Tuesday July 4th

  • Pateras/Baxter/Brown - Anthony Pateras (Revox), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Dave Brown (Guitar)
  • Mary Rapp [SYD] (Cello) & Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
  • Carolyn Connors (Voice), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Rama Parwata (Drums)
  • Sophie Weston (Flute) & Dominique Chaseling (Flute)

Tuesday July 11th

  • Blossoming Anus (Jonnine Nokes) (Guitars, Electronics, Voice)
  • Andrew Cowie (Electronics) & Mark Groves (Electronics)
  • Snacks - Allanah Stewart (Drums), Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone), Jennifer Callaway (Synth, Voice) & Laura Altman [SYD] (Clarinet)

Tuesday July 18th - Leaps and Bounds Music Festival

    Poster & Artwork by Michael Famularo 
    Instagram: @g_star_rawr

  • Tramampoline feat. Gem Falconer (Trampoline, Voice) Nik Kennedy (Electronics, Keys) & Matt Faisandier (Drums)
  • Dale Nason - ISOGRAM (Sonic-Printing Hybrid Action)
  • Daniel Jenatsch (Laptop) & Niharika Senapati (Dance)
  • HARDATA - Scumwitch (Electronics), Nina Buchanan (Electronics) & Emma Misc (Electronics)

Tuesday July 25th

  • Jessie Scott (VHS, more TBA) & Miranda Liebscher (Electronics, more TBA)

  • Tyson Slithers (Computer) & Emily Chen (Scanners)

  • Tina Douglas (Electronics, Objects, Conductive Paint) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice, more TBA)

MIUC Program June 2017

Tuesday June 6th

  • Jim Denley (Power Tool Bass Flute), Robbie Avenaim (Drums) & Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone, Objects)
  • Tarquin Manek (Bass, Electronics), Rohan Rebeiro (Drums) & Ying-Li Hooi (Voice, Electronics) 
  • Byron Huang-Dean (Everyday Materials and Objects, Microphones, Speakers and Magnetic Tape)

Tuesday June 13th

  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet, Electronics) 
  • Clinton Green (Records) & Llara Goodall (Tapes)
  • Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion, Melodica) & Carla Ori (Bass)  

Tuesday June 20th
  • Prism/Mirror/Lens Dave Bullock (Percussion), Allara Pattison (Double Bass), Adam Simmons (Woodwind) & Paul Kidney (Voice)
  • Dave Bullock (Percussion) & Erin Taylor (Drums, Electronics)
  • Outlier Lizzy Welsh (Treble Viol) & ChloĆ« Smith (Violone)

Tuesday June 27th

  • Radio Cegeste (Sally Ann McIntyre) [NZ] (Mini FM Radio Transmitter, Radio Receiver, 78rpm Shellac Records, Theremin, Bat Detector)
  • Bonnie Mercer (Guitar) & Mark Groves (Electronics, Voice)
  • TT SKTLS (Alex Cuffe) (Electronics, Voice) 

MIUC Program May 2017

Tuesday May 2nd

  • Jules Culpan (Electronics)
  • Xian (Electronics)
  • Antediluvian Rocking Horse feat. Susan King (Electronics), Paul Wain (Electronics), and Ollie Olsen (Electronics)

Tuesday May 9th

  • Octave Pussy feat. Nat Grant (Drums, Electronics) & Miranda Fitzgerald (Double Bass)
  • Chaos Magnet feat. Anna Gordon (Saxophone), Charlie Woods (Trumpet) & Alex Roper (Drums)
  • UTI feat. Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Electronics) & Nina Buchanan (Electronics)

Tuesday May 16th

  • Tina Havelock Stevens [SYD] (aka White Drummer) & Cat Hope (Bass)
  • Jen Tait (Drums), Simon Maisch (Bass) & Pete Bramley (Bass)
  • Milica Stefanovic (Bass) & Leo Kavanagh (Drums)

Tuesday May 23rd

  • Cat Hope (Bass), Pedro Alvarez (Guitar) & Lisa MacKinney (Guitar)
  • Great Rack & an Empty Club Reverb - Emily Bennett (Voice), Michael McNab (Drums), Reuben Lewis (Trumpet) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar)
  • Lena Douglas (Keys), Felix Watson (Trumpet) & Stikki Roder (Guitar)

Tuesday May 30th

  • Dave Coen (Electronics) & Sara Retallick (Electronics, Voice)
  • Keith Clancy (Electronics) & Gillian Lever (Voice)
  • Hanli Sean Botha [SYD] (Guitar, Electronics) & Alice Bennett (Flute, Electronics)

MIUC Program April 2017

April 4th

  • Rabbit Legs feat. Al Dodds (Voice, Keys) & Jules Pascoe (Guitar)
  • Living Currency feat. Travis John (Guitar) & Felix Kleinman (Drums)

April 11th 

  • Aviva Endean (Contrabass Clarinet, Ping Pong) & Justin Marshall (Electronics)
  • Llara Isabell Arena (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Kynan Lawlor (Guitar), Scott O'Hara (Guitar) & Jyden Lawlor (Drums)
  • I.A.I feat. Bree Marchbank (Voice, Keys, Space) & Jessica Tse (Voice, Keys, Space)

April 18th 
  • Noel Meek [NZ] (Electronics), Miranda Liebscher (Electronics, Voice) & Llara Isabell Arena (Drums, Electronics)
  • Robbie Avenaim (Percussives), Finn Ryan [SYD] (Drums) & Mimi Kind [SYD] (Handmade Instruments)
  • Dave Brown (Guitar) & Carmen Chan (Percussion)

April 25th 

  • Intrinsic Light feat. A Demon Sheen (Tantric Riffage, Blackened Throat) & Zen Tait (Pranic Percussions, Benevolent Blast)
  • Wankoslop feat. Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice)
  • Xenosine aka Vijay Thillaimuthu (Synths, Electronics) & Phantom Graveller aka Kerrie Farnsworth (Theremin, Sax, Electronics)

MIUC Program March 2017

March 7th

  • Julius Schwing [TAS] (Guitar, Electronics) & Myles Mumford (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Vilan Mai (Electronics) & Chris Rechner (Guitar)
  • Lauren Mullarvey (Saxophone), Alex Roper (Percussion), Andre Lobanov (Double Bass) & Louis King (Guitar)

March 14th 

  • Stuart Grant (Electronics, Voice) & Wade Black (Electronics, Voice)
  • Hextape aka Eli Chappell (Cello, Electronics)
  • Null Buttfacesis aka Elaine Carter (Electronics) & Afterbirth aka Kama Way (Voice)

March 21st co-curated with Tonelist Records
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Lenny Jacobs [WA] (Drums), Dan O'Connor [WA] (Trumpet), Aviva Endean (Clarinet), Simon Charles (Electronics) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Josten Myburgh [WA] (Electronics), Jameson Feakes [WA] (Guitar), Emily Bennett (Voice) & Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Trumpet)
  • Sage Pbbbt (Voice) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)

March 28th 

  • Taipan Tiger Girls feat. Ollie Olsen (Synth, Electronics), Lisa MacKinney (Guitar, Organ), Mat Watson (Drums) & Cat Hope (Bass)
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Bridgette Baini (Guitar) & Scott Viney (Drums)
  • The Sweethearts feat. Nissa Finney-Lai (Sheer Unadulterated Brutality), JJ (Bass), Nathan (Guitar) & Tony Pearson (Drums)