MIUC Program November 2017


  • waterhouse + Jack (Ambiclassical and Synth Glitch)
  • Horse Macgyver + Jannah Quill (Drum machines & Intrigue)
  • coral ceto (Lush Ambient Luxury Drone)

Tuesday November 14th

  • Stinky Picnic - Ponky Pie Pea (Vocals and Keyboard) / A Demon Sheen (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
  • Lou S & Hanna Jenkin (Electronics, Synths)
  • Germlock aka Eric Demetriou (Vocals, Electronics, Regret, Stanislavski)
  • Street Furniture aka Christopher LG Hill (Concrete, Drone, Industrial, Pastoral, Ambient)

Tuesday November 21st - CURATED BY RAMA PARWATA
  • Tim Pledger (Saxophone) & Sean Baxter (Drums, Percussion)
  • Robbie Avenaim (Drums, Percussion) & Mick Power (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Belinda Woods (Flute), Angus Leslie (Guitar) & Rama Parwata (Drums, Percussion)

Tuesday November 28th - DEATH BY CONES in 3 Sets

Feat. Nik Kennedy, Bonnie Mercer, Steve Law, John Stevens, Ari Sharp, Terry Vainoras, Shane Van Den Akker and more TBA.

      MIUC Program October 2017

      Tuesday October 3rd 

        • Decide Today[USA]/Evolve 23 [USA] - Decide Today - Cincinnati post-REALICIDEanarcho breakcore & Evolve 23 - conscious hiphop, Realicide Youth Records collaboration
        • unique oil free air [BRIS] - (Adam Park, solo harsh noise using pedals mini analog synths and cassette player)
        • Seychelles (Voice, Electronics) - Solo performance from Grace Anderson
        • DF0:BAD vs. Rainbow Vomit And Cum Bubbles - (Oscillating, Circuit Bent Gear,  Speak and Spells and Harsh Noises)

      Tuesday October 10th - SACRED ORDER OF MAGNITUDE IN 3 SETS:

      • Richie Cyngler and Nat Grant
      • Intrinsic Light
      • Sacred Order of Magnitude

      Matt :: Puredata Xenharmonics
      Jodie Clark :: Guitar + Incorrect Pedals + The Universe
      Nat Grant :: Acoustic Improv + Post Processing
      Richie Cyngler :: Cocoquantus
      Jen Tait :: Found Objects + Enthusiastic Timing
      A Demon Sheen :: Guitar + Humility
      Shane Van Den Akker :: Vocals + Ink and Light
      Jen Callaway :: Vocals + Analogue Synth + Percussive Objects
      Tina Douglas :: 3D Sensors + Conductive Fabric
      Vijay Thillaimuthu :: Modular Synthesis + Theremin
      Travis Jekks Taylor :: Microtonal Guitar
      Andras Bubics :: Nintendo 3DS + Impeccable Dress Sense
      Rob Curulli :: Micro Modular Synth
      Nik Kennedy :: Pedal array + Microphone

      Tuesday October 17th
        • Yoshitake EXPE [JPN] (Guitar) & Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion)
        • Kouhei Harada [JPN] (Max/MSP), Mitsuaki Matsumoto [JPN] (Prepared-Biwa) & Shohei Sasagawa [JPN] (Max/Jitter)
        • Vanessa Tomlinson [BRIS] (Percussion) & Dave Brown (Prepared Guitar)

      Tuesday October 24th - CURATED BY ERIN TAYLOR

      • Schmac (Bodies, Carrot, Gravel, Undefined Potentialities)
      • Simon Charles & Michael McNab (Wind Gongs and Objects / Captured Percussion)
      • Erin Taylor & Ogemdi Ude (Percussion, Visuals, Feedback, Movement)

      Tuesday October 31st

      • Amplified Elephants: Teagan Connor, Jay Euesden, Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Munnery, Robyn McGrath, Helen Kruljac, Megan Hunter
      • Nat Grant & Robbie Avenaim (Double Drums, Junk, Electronics)
      • Erkki Veltheim (Strings, Percussion, Noise) & Sabina Maselli (Voice, Images, Sounds, Processing)

            MIUC Program September 2017

            Tuesday September 5th

            • Cao Thanh Lan [VN] (Prepared Marxophone, Samplers), Gregor Siedly [AT] (Clarinet), Alice Bennett (Flute) & Ryan Williams (Recorder)
            • David Palliser (Reeds, Loops, Junk,  Broken barn), Emily Bennett (Vox/FX) & Chris Nilstock (Various Instruments)
            • Rohan Drape (Organ/ Synthesiser/Recordings)

            Tuesday September 12th - CURATED BY CURSE OV DIALECT

            • Xenosine aka Vijay Thillaimuthu (Theremin Powered Modular Devastation Machine) & Terry Vainoras (Vocals, Grunts and Sax)
            • Rokkatanski (Vocals) & Il Beliegha aka Adam Gauci (Sounds)
            • Clinton Green (Turntables) & Paul Kidney (Vocals, Pedals)

            Tuesday September 19th
            • Expurgatory - El Bolsa (Drums), George (Guitar), Alexander (Bass, Vocals), Leah (Spoken word), Susan (Noise), Peter (Lyrics)
            • Mildew - Romy Seven (Electronics and Samples) & Mossy 333 (Vocal & Bass)
            • The Convoy - Erin Taylor & Matt Faisandier (Hand bells & ¼” Tape machines)

            Tuesday September 26th - CURATED BY JAMES RUSHFORD

            • Rohan Drape (Organ, Synthesizer), Maria Moles (Drums) and Francis Plagne (Guitar).
            • Victor Meertens (Voice, Tapes, Guitar, Table and Chair with Banner Score).
            • Chloe Smith (Violone) and Vijay Thillaimuthu (Electronics).

                  MIUC Program August 2017

                  Tuesday August 1st - Recorded by the ABC
                  • Robin Fox (Live Processing) & Sean Baxter (Drumkit) 
                  • Rod Cooper Solo (Electric metallic idiophone, the Upright Array) & Sarah Byrne (Voice) 
                  • Floating Three Stripes - Hextape (Synth, Cello) & Patrick Hase (Synth, Visuals) 

                  Tuesday August 8th

                  Poster & Artwork by Nick Carson
                  • Emah Fox (Synth/Electronics, Voice) 
                  • Koukatsuani (Electronics, Voice) 
                  • Slumber Kitty (Guitar, Electronics) 

                  Tuesday August 15th

                  • Andrea Blake, Emma Hart & Ben Taylor - (Synths, Electronics, Voice) 
                  • Guerrilla - Josey Kidd-Crowe & Pat O’Brien - (Cacophony using tape loops, electronics) 
                  • Psychward - Thomas Miller - (Electronics. Harsh experimental noise) 
                  • Baby Gravy - Hana Earles - (Bizarre noise) 

                  Tuesday August 22nd - Co-presented with Liquid Architecture

                  image: Fujui Wang, 'Hyper Transmission'
                  • Fujui Wang [Taiwan] - HYPER-TRANSMISSION 
                  • Sage Pbbbt? [WA] (Voice), Maria Moles (Drums), Josten Myburgh [WA](Electronics) & Michael McNab (Drums) 
                  • Hammers Lake - Judith Hamann (Cello) & Carolyn Connors (Voice) with guest drummer Rama Parwata 
                  • Snawklor - Nathan Gray & Dylan Martorell - (Live processed miniature junk percussion and synth/sequencer)

                  Tuesday August 29th - Curated by Fallopian Tunes 

                  • Fia Fiell (Synths, Electronics) & Nina Buchanan (Synths, Electronics)
                  • Call Me Professor - Errol Green & Nickolas Sullivan (Synths, Electronics, Đàn bầu, Drumkit)
                  • Jonnine Nokes (Electronics / Voice / Percussion) & Nick Carson (Guitar / Electronics) 

                  MIUC Program July 2017

                  Tuesday July 4th
                  • Pateras/Baxter/Brown - Anthony Pateras (Revox), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Dave Brown (Guitar)
                  • Mary Rapp [SYD] (Cello) & Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
                  • Carolyn Connors (Voice), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Rama Parwata (Drums)
                  • Sophie Weston (Flute) & Dominique Chaseling (Flute)

                   Tuesday July 11th
                  • Blossoming Anus aka Jonnine Nokes (Guitars, Electronics, Voice) 
                  • Andrew Cowie (Electronics) & Mark Groves (Electronics)
                  • Snacks - Allanah Stewart (Drums), Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone), Jennifer Callaway (Synth, Voice) & Laura Altman [SYD] (Clarinet)

                  Tuesday July 18th - LEAPS AND BOUNDS FEST

                      Poster & Artwork by Michael Famularo  Instagram: @g_star-rawr
                  • Tramampoline - Gem Falconer (Trampoline, Voice), Nik Kennedy (Electronics, Keys) & Matt Faisandier (Drums)
                  • Dale Nason - ISOGRAM (Sonic-Printing Hybrid Action)
                  • Daniel Jenatsch (Laptop) & Niharika Senapati (Dance)
                  • HARDATA - Scumwitch (Electronics), Nina Buchanan (Electronics) & Emma Misc (Electronics)

                  Tuesday July 25th
                  • Jessie Scott (VHS & more) & Miranda Liebscher (Electronics & more)
                  • Tyson Slithers (Computer) & Emily Chen (Scanners)
                  • Tina Douglas (Electronics, Objects, Conductive Paint) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice, Objects)

                  MIUC Program June 2017

                  Tuesday June 6th

                  • Jim Denley (Power Tool Bass Flute), Robbie Avenaim (Drums) & Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone, Objects)
                  • Tarquin Manek (Bass, Electronics), Rohan Rebeiro (Drums) & Ying-Li Hooi (Voice, Electronics) 
                  • Byron Huang-Dean (Everyday Materials and Objects, Microphones, Speakers and Magnetic Tape)

                  Tuesday June 13th

                  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet, Electronics) 
                  • Clinton Green (Records) & Llara Goodall (Tapes)
                  • Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion, Melodica) & Carla Ori (Bass)  

                  Tuesday June 20th
                  • Prism/Mirror/Lens Dave Bullock (Percussion), Allara Pattison (Double Bass), Adam Simmons (Woodwind) & Paul Kidney (Voice)
                  • Dave Bullock (Percussion) & Erin Taylor (Drums, Electronics)
                  • Outlier Lizzy Welsh (Treble Viol) & Chloë Smith (Violone)

                  Tuesday June 27th

                  • Radio Cegeste (Sally Ann McIntyre) [NZ] (Mini FM Radio Transmitter, Radio Receiver, 78rpm Shellac Records, Theremin, Bat Detector)
                  • Bonnie Mercer (Guitar) & Mark Groves (Electronics, Voice)
                  • TT SKTLS (Alex Cuffe) (Electronics, Voice)